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30 Insights from 3+ Decades of Client Centered Hypnotherapy


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Would you like to learn from the experience of a veteran hypnotherapist and instructor? In 2011, Scot Sandland asked Roy Hunter to write an eBook and share some important tips for hypnosis professionals. The original eBook is now expanded into paperback form, containing valuable insights that could be worth a lot of money to hypnosis professionals who apply the ones that are the most valuable to them and their professional practice. Learn how to increase your long term success rate and obtain more referrals from satisfied clients. Discover some effective ways to work with analytical clients. Read some tips on how to avoid non-productive ads. Know when to refer. Read tips on how to minimize the risk of false memories. Understand the risk of aversion suggestions, avoiding professional burnout, and more… Roy shares 30 Insights learned from over three decades of experience as a hypnotherapist and hypnosis trainer. He shares his “learning experiences” as well as his successes so that you do not have to “re-invent the wheel.”

Author: Hunter Dimdha, C Roy, Foreword by: Sandland C Ht, Scott

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1723139963
Language: English
Pages: 106

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