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76 Typical Therapy Mistakes: A Workbook for Psychotherapists


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76 TYPICAL THERAPY MISTAKES is a workbook for psychotherapists of all types, providing them with an instructive as well as entertaining way to avoid the common pitfalls of practicing psychotherapy. This practical book, written by a noted psychoanalyst, contains 76 teaching tales that cover all the typical mistakes therapists are prone to making. Each tale is followed by questions for readers to answer, and then an explanation of how the therapist went wrong and what he should have done. Written in a concise and witty style, the tales include “The Therapist Who Was Disgusted by Penises,” “The Gay Therapist and the Handsome Brute,” “The Grandiose Group Therapist,” and “The Therapist Who Craved Love.” The Workbook contains a helpful introduction on four types of countertransference and two types of counterresistance that often lead to therapy mistakes. Yet, for the most part, the book is free of terminology and can be read by professionals and lay people alike. It is sure to become a standard in the field.

Author: Schoenewolf, Gerald

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1497431417
Language: English
Pages: 266

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