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Abandoned Generation: Democracy Beyond the Culture of Fear (2003)



Henry Giroux continues his critique of the US political and popular culture ‘s influence on the lives of our children. In his controversial new book, Giroux argues that the US is at war with young people. No longer seen as the future of a democratic society, youth are now derided by politicians looking for quick-fix solutions to crime and demonized by the popular media. This perception of fear and disdain is being translated into social policy . Instead of providing a decent education to young people, we offer them the increasing potential of being incarcerated. Instead of guaranteeing them decent health care, we serve them more standardized tests. There’s a war on in the US these days, and Giroux sees our youth as the target.

Author: Giroux, H

Topic: Education / Teaching
Media: Book
ISBN: 1403961387
Language: English
Pages: 256

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