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Adapting to Change: Dealing with Loss, Anger, Isolation, and Addictions



Living with a brain injury can bring daily challenges, and adapting to change can be a major issue. Many ABI survivors go through a grieving process that involves facing the reality of loss, dealing with anger and isolation, and some struggle with addictions as a way to temporarily relieve the emotional pain that comes with adjusting to life with an ABI. How does “interference” impact our ability to adapt to change? What are “cognitive distortions,” and how do patterns of thinking impact our lives? How does addiction affect depression and hinder our ability to progress in recovery? This fully illustrated book, written by an ABI survivor, addresses these issues and more, in a humorous way.

Author: Evans, Anjula

Topic: Sociology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1721149597
Language: English
Pages: 42

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