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Adult Attachment and Couple Psychotherapy: The ‘secure Base’ in Practice and Research



Attachment theory has triggered an explosion of research into family relationships, and has provided a conceptual basis for the work of practitioners. Adult Attachment and Couple Psychotherapy brings research and practice perspectives to bear on the adult couple relationship, and provides a framework for assessing and working with secure and insecure partnerships.
Divided into three parts, the book:
* looks at what is meant by secure and insecure attachment in the couple
* describes how theory and research have been applied to practice, and how practice has added to the understanding of the complex problems that couples bring to therapy
* examines the significance of training and the organisation of work for effective practice with couples.
Using vivid illustrations from clinical and community work, Adult Attachment and Couple Psychotherapy offers stimulating reading for all those involved in this field who wish to re-assess their models of practice.

Author: Clulow, Christopher F, Author: Clulow, C, Editor: Clulow, Christopher

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 415224160
Language: English
Pages: 256

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