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After the Storm: Healing After Trauma, Tragedy and Terror



Post-traumatic stress disorder aka PTSD or simply “trauma” is a growing problem, with adults and children today affected by threats of terror; combat in the Middle East; and social, economic, and personal crises. It is a hidden disease affecting ten percent of the population many whether they know it or not. This book explains how PTSD arises, how to recognize its effects, and how to stabilize and recover from it, focusing on three areas: how to cope, how to help children and other loved ones, and how to recover happiness. Based on 18 years of field experience and practice, the author provides specific suggestions for handling trauma reactions like anger, anxiety, and withdrawal; discusses how to work through long-term effects; and includes numerous case examples and guidelines for self-help. Accessible and timely, his book speaks to healthcare professionals, military families, and anyone seeking coping strategies in the current world climate.”

Author: Johnson, Kendall

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 897934741
Language: English
Pages: 229

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