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Trauma-Informed Care in the NICU: Evidenced-Based Practice Guidelines for Neonatal Clinicians



Written for neonatal nurses and NICU clinicians, this innovative book provides evidence-based guidelines and clinical practice recommendations that have been proven to mitigate the trauma experience of the hospitalized infant-family dyad. Including updated, evidence-based, age-appropriate care core measure attributes and criteria, these in-depth guidelines transform the NICU culture of care for measurable and sustainable results. Featuring the latest scientific research to support and explain the best practice recommendations and clinician and parent resources, the text outlines implementation strategies to support the adoption of trauma-informed, age-appropriate care in the NICU.

The text reflects a growing awareness of the impact of early life adversity on the developing human being in the NICU. Substantiated by the converging multidisciplinary research on the science of human development, the provision of trauma-informed care in the NICU reduces the strain on the hospitalized infant and family. With endorsements by respected transdisciplinary neonatal clinicians, this text provides guidelines that encompass the five core measures for age-appropriate care, including the healing environment, pain and stress, protected sleep, activities for daily living, and family collaborative care. The book also features downloadable sample competencies, algorithms, and parent teaching guides, along with additional e-learning modules for continuing nursing education. A self-assessment checklist, allowing the rating of current practice related to the core measures for age-appropriate care, adds to the book’s utility.


  • Provides clinically relevant, evidence-based practice guidelines aimed at minimizing the trauma experience of the hospitalized neonate and family
  • Presents evidence-based updates to the five core measure sets for age-appropriate care in the NICU
  • Introduces proven implementation strategies to facilitate practice transformation
  • Offers downloadable sample competencies, algorithms, parent teaching guides, and e-learning modules with CE credit
  • Reviewed and endorsed by transdisciplinary neonatal clinicians

Author: Coughlin, Mary

Topic: Medical / Nursing
Media: Book
ISBN: 826131964
Language: English
Pages: 312

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