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Am I Still a Woman?: Hysterectomy and Gender Identity



Recent scientific findings regarding the potential dangers associated with hormone replacement therapies bring renewed attention to the relationship between women’s bodies and gender identity. In Am I Still a Woman? Jean Elson offers the testimony of women who have thought deeply about this issue as a result of gynaecological surgery. proved to be a crisis that prompted questions about the meanings of sexual and reproductive organs in relation to being female and feminine. Is a woman who no longer menstruates still a woman? What about a woman who can no longer bear children? of surgery and lost fertility on sexuality and partnerships, as well as the steps some women take to deal with a sense of a stigmatized identity. Whether they reconceptualized their old notions of what it means to be a woman or put new focus on making themselves attractive, they made conscious efforts to reclaim their female identity and femininity. This book provides a wealth of insight into the choices women make regarding gynaecological surgery and maintaining their sense of themselves as women.

Author: Elson, Jean

Topic: Sociology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1592132111
Language: English
Pages: 254

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