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Be Useful: Is The World Making Good Use Of You?



Finalist of the 2019 Business Book of the Year Award

“Stop trying to be amazing, start being useful.”

Jay Baer

If the thought of trying to be amazing or brilliant doesn’t do it for you, aim to be useful instead.

Is the world making good use of you?

After thirty years with this question in his head, Jos Burton decided to make himself useful and have a go at answering the question.

Be Useful is a compilation of ideas, models and insights that the author has found useful in his thirty years working with people in Learning & Development across a wide range of organisations.

Being useful is a simple way to find meaning and purpose in your life and work, through service to others.

This book will hopefully challenge you to think about your life and what you’re making from it. It’s this year’s must have self-development title.

Author: Burton, Jos

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 099268899X
Language: English
Pages: 180

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