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Becoming Starlight: A Shared Death Journey from Darkness to Light



The Shared Death Experience (SDE). Most people know of the Near Death Experience (NDE), but very few have heard of the SDE. The SDE is similar to the NDE except that it occurs not to the person who is dying, but to a loved one who is physically well. That person could be sitting right next to their loved one, sitting across the room, or even across the globe unaware of the impending death of someone they love. Location or activity level is of no consequence to the SDE. That person is invited along to witness the aftermath of physical death. The invitation extended has no RSVP-the person accompanying the dying individual can neither accept nor refuse-they are just taken or given the experience by powers outside of their control.

Becoming Starlight is one of those stories. Deeply embedded in Starlight is an ongoing war with death, faith and hope- and with God-a war most of us have experienced or will experience in our lifetimes.

Becoming Starlight is a story that has been written, in one way or another, since the beginning of time. The war between life and death-who lives and who dies is at the heart of this deeply personal experience. It’s a life-and-death struggle with spiritual darkness and loss of faith. It is a story not unlike the stories of anyone who has loved and lost, grieved and sorrowed, felt anguish and rage, fallen from Grace and questioned the very existence of God. The specifics are different, but the humanity splattered on every page is the stuff of life. Some find redemption more easily than I. It took a complete fall from grace for me to awaken from the darkness that had found its way into my life, and an unexpected encounter – a SDE – to bring me into the very arms of a compassionate God. Becoming Starlight is the Lifting of the Veil that led to a peek into foreverness.

Author: Prentice Phd, Sharon, Read by: de Cuir, Gabrielle

Topic: Unabridged Audio – Inspirational/Philosophy
Media: Audio Product
ISBN: 1982674490
Language: English

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