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Hope Beyond Trauma…a Mother’s Journey



Who was this girl now looking so much like my daughter and yet so different from the child I had raised, loved and argued with? Author Janie Smith takes you behind the scenes with her family after their teenage daughter Tanya is involved in a fatal auto accident. Tanya is revived in the Life Flight helicopter-only to face an even greater life challenge. Experience a mother’s agony and fears as her daughter awakens to the realization that she has sustained severe brain injuries. Doctors are unable to give a definite prognosis and advise that she may live in a nursing home for the rest of her life. Janie bravely travels into the unknown along with her husband, a career soldier in the U.S. Army, and their two teenage sons. Read as she watches her daughter struggle to piece together the shattered pieces of her memory. As Tanya’s frustrations mount, intense anger and violent episodes surface, and the family feels as if they are living in a war zone. Janie fights to keep her family together while everything around her is falling apart-including herself. This incredible story is about an ordinary mother and family who faced extraordinary challenges and helped one another survive . . . and eventually thrive. Janie writes of lessons learned with candor and honesty. She is open about her mistakes and failures, and shares how she picked herself up and started anew. Janie watches her youngest son deploy to the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan again and again as he serves six tours with the U.S.Army. She tells of the difficulties soldiers and families face when they return home from the war zone. Today, Janie’s passion is to help others along their own personal journey. She founded HOPE Beyond Trauma and wrote a mother’s journey to help, coach and mentor anyone who wants to move beyond trauma in their lives. This terrifying and triumphant life journey is one you do not want to miss. Recommended by James Malinchak, coauthor of Chicken Soup for the College Soul. And featured on ABC’s Secret Millionaire. “If you are someone who has gone through trauma or you know someone who has gone through some loss or trauma, you have got to get this book and learn from my friend Janie. She is fabulous. Her heart is in the right place; she cares about helping YOU get through a difficult time…”” -James Malinchak Janie Smith has helped start several brain injury support groups, taught life skills to adults with brain injuries, worked as a Red Cross Hospital Recreation Worker at Walter Reed in Washington D.C., and founded Hidden Treasures Travel Agency for people with disabilities. She is a teacher, coach and speaker living in Ohio with her husband and their dog Rudy.

Author: Smith, Janie

Topic: Biography / Autobiography
Media: Book
ISBN: 1607461684
Language: English
Pages: 190

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