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Behavioral Neurology



This is a thorough revision of one of the landmark books in the field of neuropsychiatry. The authors, one a distinguished neurologist and the other an eminent psychiatrist, provide a clear, well-integrated account of the behavioral aspects of neurological conditions and the neurological aspects of psychiatric disorders. Earlier editions presented the view, then provocative, that disordered brain function underlies psychiatric illnesses. A more balanced view characterizes the Fourth Edition, in which the authors discuss the most recent data from the neurosciences and molecular biology, including changes in the brain induced by the environment and by emotions. There is also a valuable new clinical chapter on differentiating the etiologies of disturbed behavior.
Avoiding the deluge of information in multi-authored volumes, this very readable text provides a consistent approach to the understanding and diagnosis of disturbances of behavior. While the book is directed toward medical students, residents, psychiatrists, neurologists, psychologists, and psychology students (particularly those taking abnormal psychology courses), it has also been used by a wide variety of health professionals and attorneys.

Author: Pincus, Jonathan H, Author: Tucker, Gary J

Topic: Medical / Nursing
Media: Book
ISBN: 195137817
Language: English
Pages: 296

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