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Belief and Imagination: Explorations in Psychoanalysis



Belief and Imagination brings together Ronald Britton’s writing on these subjects over the last 15 years, exploring the concepts from a Kleinian perspective. The book covers:

  • The status of phantasies in an individuals mind – are they facts or possibilities?
  • How the notions of objectivity and subjectivity are interrelated and have their origins in the Oedipal triangle
  • How phantasies which are held to be products of the imagination, can be accounted for in psychoanalytic terms.

Britton also examines the relationship between psychic reality and fictional writing, and the ways in which belief, imagination and reality are explored in the works of Wordsworth, Rilke, Milton and Blake.

Author: Britton, Ronald

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 415194385
Language: English
Pages: 240

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