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Therapeutic Gardens: Design for Healing Spaces



“For those who believe in the healing power of nature, or those who are interested in the history of therapeutic garden design and philosophies, Therapeutic Gardens is a great resource and a fascinating book.”NYBG’s Plant Talk

In Therapeutic Gardens, landscape architect Daniel Winterbottom and occupational therapist Amy Wagenfeld present an innovative approach that translates therapeutic design principles into practice. This comprehensive book uses examples from around the world to demonstrate how healing spaces can be designed to support learning, movement, sensory nurturance, and reconciliation, as well as improved health. This important book sheds lights on how the combined strength of multiple disciplines provide the tools necessary to design meaningful and successful landscapes for those in the greatest need.

Author: Winterbottom, Daniel, Author: Wagenfeld, Amy

Topic: Architecture
Media: Book
ISBN: 1604694424
Language: English
Pages: 324

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