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Buddha’s Book of Sleep: Sleep Better in Seven Weeks with Mindfulness Meditation



Winner of BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR from COVR (The Coalition of Visionary Resources), that recognizes the best new products in the New Age industry.

Enlightened sleep practices for the modern mind.

Buddha’s Book of Sleep is the first book to address sleep disturbances with techniques from mindfulness meditation. Yet this is a natural choice–mindfulness meditation has proven effective for psychological problems such as stress, depression, and anxiety, and these very issues are what become sleep problems when your head hits the pillow.

Divided into two sections, the book approaches sleep deprivation with a combination of wisdom and practical meditation exercises. The first section explains why mindfulness meditation, with its basis in self-awareness, is appropriate for dealing with sleeping problems, and details the practices of this increasingly popular form of meditation. The second section features seven specific exercises to do at bedtime or in the wee hours of the morning, or whenever your sleeping trouble occurs. With a foreword by Thich Nhat Hanh.

Providing a new perspective on why you cannot fall asleep even when you feel exhausted, and arming you with easy-to-use mindfulness meditation exercises, Buddha’s Book of Sleep will help you calm your hurried thoughts, and go from feeling always sleepy to getting the rest you need.

Author: Emet, Joseph, Foreword by: Hanh, Thich Nhat

Topic: Self-Help
Media: Book
ISBN: 399160914
Language: English
Pages: 141

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