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Children’s Perceptions of Good Parenting in Time of War and Terrorism


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Israel is a country at war. Children in this country are born into a continual life threat and exposed to endless stress. By asking Israeli children their opinions on what a good parent is and exploring their thoughts and feelings regarding terrorism, this qualitative research attempted to gain a better understanding of children’s perceptions of good parenting during a time of continued terrorism threat. A mixed format of telephone and in-person semi structured interviews was used. Data analysis was implemented through content analysis. Eleven distinct categories emerged regarding children’s perceptions of good parenting. The majority of children in this study perceived a good parent as a parent who would not get angry or punish his or her children, who would be available for them, take care of them and protect them. Possible connections between the participants’ perceptions of good parenting and their thoughts and feelings regarding terrorism were found. The study help shed some light on the experience and expectation children who live in a war zone hold and include implications for parents, therapists and teachers.

Author: Tubin, Bosmat

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 3639203879
Language: English
Pages: 172

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