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Time and Timing


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ABOUT THE BOOK Time and Timing is Frederick Douglas Harper’s 11th book of poetry with prose. Typical of all of Dr. Harper’s creative books, Time and Timing contains insightful and inspirational quotes in a section at the end of the book, that is, in addition to the poetry. Examples of poem titles include “This Is the Moment,” “A Tribute to Michael Jackson,” “Time and Space,” “When Spirit Touches the Soul of a Child,” “Living Outside Our Body,” “The Prophecy,” “No Time for Anger,” “Time for Restraint and Rethink,” “An Ugly Time, A Beautiful Time,” “I Am Because of You,” “Step Away From Your Body,” “The Graduate,” “Global Warming: Global Warning,” “A Time for Love and Romance,” “The Good Samaritan,” “Time Stolen by Technology,” “Memories of Elephants,” and “Angels With No Wings.”

Author: Harper, Frederick Douglas

Topic: Poetry
Media: Book
ISBN: 1449025072
Language: English
Pages: 115

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