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Clinical Applications of Music Therapy in Psychiatry



Clinical Applications of Music Therapy in Psychiatry provides valuable insight into the work of professional music therapists in their clinical practice. The contributors, who are all internationally-renowned music therapists, discuss work with a diverse range of clients, including those suffering from Alzheimer’s, anorexia nervosa, schizophrenia, psychosis, personality disorder, anxiety and psychosomatic disorder. Their chapters develop psychotherapeutic theory alongside music therapy practice, and are intended to be read by the psychiatric professions as well as music therapists, reflecting the medical establishment’s growing receptivity to music therapy.

Contribution by: Sekeles, Chava, Contribution by: Streeter, Elaine, Contribution by: Stige, Brynjulf, Author: Wigram, Tony, Contribution by: Hanser, Suzanne, Contribution by: Gaertner, May, Contribution by: Jensen, Bent, Contribution by: Langenberg, Mechtild, Contribution by: Metzner, Suzanne, Contribution by: Nygaard-Pedersen, Inge, Contribution by: Odell-Miller, Helen, Contribution by: Austin, Diane, Author: De Backer, Jos, Contribution by: Vinkler Frederiksen, Britta, Contribution by: Erdonmez Grocke, Denise

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1853027332
Language: English
Pages: 300

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