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Clinical Operation of Imagery Communication Psychotherapy



Up to now, more than 400 types of psychotherapies have been published in the world. Among them Imagery Communication Psychotherapy (ICP) is the only existing and developing psychotherapy created by Chinese psychologists. Over the years, ICP has become the most popular method of psychotherapy in China.ICP helps the psychotherapist to communicate with his/her client on the subconscious level by using the symbolic meanings of imagery — unconscious to unconscious. This book provides a guide to this therapy approach by covering topics both in theory and in practice. Each chapter contains real examples based on the author’s clinical practice in China, so that the readers can clearly understand the clinical operation process of ICP. All aspects of operation and clinical techniques are detailed in terms of work mechanism, common instructions, operational steps, and precautions. The book also covers ICP psychotherapists’ self-growth training techniques and innovative sub-techniques in ICP.

Author: Yuan, Yuan

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 9813278935
Language: English
Pages: 320

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