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Coach Yourself to Peak Performance: How Sport Psychology Can Help You Reach Your Peak Performance Level


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Coach Yourself to Peak Performance Over time I have gone through this process with many clients. I have seen this program work for them as it will work for you. I personally guarantee that you will reach your potential and even push beyond into hidden areas of peak performance. My promise to you from me if you follow this program: – I will build in you a solid focus only on what matters 100% in achieving your results. You will develop unshakeable focus. – I will develop in you an action focused mentality where you aim to build the habit of taking consistent positive actions towards your goals. – I will keep you strong in body so you can be strong in mind. – I will motivate you to the fullest of your ability in all things. Your Commitment to YOURSELF Over time working with many clients I have seen what it take takes to make the absolute most difference possible. I can tell you this with 100% certainty. This vital ingredient is COMMITMENT. Not to me not to the program but to yourself. How far you are willing to go for yourself is the one deciding factor in your success. So it is important to understand just what type of commitment you will be making before you set off using the tactics in this book. 1. Developing Focused Concentration-For this part of the program you will learn how to concentrate your resources and keep yourself focused only on what you want of need. This is about cutting out the waste and focusing on the vital most important aspects of your journey to reaching full potential. Think of this as a laser beam approach rather than a shotgun approach. 2-Developing the Action Habit-Nothing gets done without taking action. You can follow the other steps and equip yourself with all the tools you may need but if you don’t take action your steps will be useless. These tactics just become words that you read on a page and don’t apply. You will stay exactly where you are and won’t reach any kind of potential at all. Don’t be that type of person and read but not do. Remember if you know but don’t do, than you don’t really know at all. 3-Develop a “Strong Mind in a Strong Body”- Ok so you’re doing everything you can to be focused only on what you want and to take action on it. You’ve done half of the equation, but you need to be able to keep going to keep energy high and survive the stresses of life with your health. More importantly to keep going you will need a sound physical body that will carry you forward and keep you mentally on track. Let the physical work be the base of your mental training and it will take you far. 4-Develop your Motivation Muscle-In order to push for peak potential then you have to know what drives you. You’ve heard that before right? But how many books tell you your ability for motivation is like a muscle that you can build over time. Well that is exactly what you’re going to do here, and by building your motivation muscle you will have the ability to take yourself only as far as you want to go. Motivation will drive you forwards.

Author: North, Peter

Topic: Self-Help
Media: Book
ISBN: 1495952568
Language: English
Pages: 48

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