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Desire: The Cornerstone Between Nothing and Success


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Activate the Power of Winning!Desire is not something we are necessarily born with. It is cultivated through time in order to establish an order of success. In this book Desire: The cornerstone between nothing and success you will discover the following: Unearth the Qualities of the Super SuccessfulAchieving success is a skill that can be acquired through experience, but also by having a roadmap that directs you towards a desired destination. In this book, you will learn about the core principles behind success and what is needed to get closer to your goals. It is advised that before you set out on achieving a goal, you should do all the planning and research prior in order to prime yourself for success. However, it should be recognized that leaders are not only readers but great learners of other people’s successes and failures. In this book, you will also attain the key attributes required for a successful mindset. You will find the above and more in this bookTake Ownership of your SuperpowersIn the first book, Understand Reach Expand, you would have learned how to find your core defining competencies and how that makes you the person you are today. In this book, Desire, you will begin a journey of ownership and claiming your Super Powers into purposeful use!Channel the art of Concentration and FocusIf there is one skill that anyone needs to learn and master it is the skill of complete and utter focus. Focus assumes patience and a plan to abide by. If you are looking for ways to improve your ability to focus, you need to read this book.How to Get Desire to Work for YouAll great leaders developed a deep burning desire to win. Even before they knew what that desire was, many of them wanted to win! Our circumstances and life experiences catalyze and shape our need to have more, do more and be more. Desire is manifested effectively when the right conditions have been configured to set it ablaze. This book will help you realize where you can find desire and utilize it towards a specific purpose.Being clear about what your life has brought you thus far will help channel your energy in such a way to take consolidated action. It gives your life meaning and favour aligned to a higher purpose. Combined with the first book of this series Understand Reach Expand, you will be confident about developing a strong sense of purpose that is sparked by your deep desire to win.The science of Achievement can easily be “understood,” however the application of it is not so easy for some. If you read this book with intent you will have transformed a part of you that is willing to be disciplined enough to follow through on your life goals.Bonus! Free Cheat sheet on “100 Ways to Stay Positive!” A document that you can stick to your wall and keep you going in the darkest of moments.About The AuthorMichael’s first self-published book, Understand Reach Expand: 15 Super Effective ways to Manage your Mind was published late August 2017. The feedback from the book has been tremendous and readers have commented on it’s ability to invoke new ways of thinking and discovering things about themselves facilitated via the exercises. The book has given Michael the opportunity to talk to a wider audience about mindset management and principles of achievement and motivation in pursuit of a goal.Michael continues to mentor and coach clients to develop goals and strategies that can effectively manage their businesses and their lives. As stated “I realised that I am that ‘push’ and critical sponsor that people need in order to make real change. If they can do it, you can too!”Learn how to be more effective and take control of your life. Scroll up and grab your copy now.

Author: Tabirade, Michael

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1999780418
Language: English
Pages: 96

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