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Comorbidity of Addictive and Psychiatric Disorders


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Here is a balanced book that offers insights on the fundamental aspects of addictive and psychiatric disorders when they intersect and overlap. Comorbidity of Addictive and Psychiatric Disorders directs particular attention to interactions between addictive and psychiatric states and discusses complex questions regarding diagnosis and treatment. It covers the most recent research and presents a unique blending of clinical practice and research data. Written by experienced clinicians and researchers, the book is full of hands-on research data and sound clinical practice.

This informative book discusses many aspects of addictive and psychiatric disorders. Chapters focus on epidemiology, genetics, neurochemistry, diagnosis, treatment models, clinical/practical approaches, and pharmacological treatments. Some specific topics covered include:

  • hypothesized neurochemical models for psychiatric syndromes in alcohol and drug dependence
  • evaluation and acute management of psychotic symptomatology in alcohol and drug addictions
  • pathological gambling, eating disorders, and the psychoactive substance use disorders
  • outpatient vs. inpatient treatment for the chronically mentally ill with substance use disorders
  • pharmacotherapy of psychiatric syndromes with comorbid chemical dependence

    Full of helpful studies and information, this volume is a practical blueprint for physicians, clinicians and researchers treating individuals suffering from both addictive and psychiatric disorders. For added convenience, the book contains a selective guide to current reference sources.

Author: Miller, Norman S, Author: Stimmel, Barry

Topic: Medical / Nursing
Media: Book
ISBN: 1138971251
Language: English
Pages: 185

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