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Contemporary Treatment of Psychosis: Healing Relationships in the ‘decade of the Brain’



The introduction of antipsychotic medication in the 1950s produced a revolution in the treatment of the severely mentally ill. Unfortunately, despite early optimism, these drugs did not cure schizophrenia. Treatment of psychotic illness on the biological level is never sufficient. Based on the treatment approach of the famous Menninger clinic, this book affirms the central role of nurturing a therapeutic relationship with psychotic patients and their families through a clear and unequivocal psychological understanding and acceptance. This approach does not settle for compliance with the treatment programme, but fosters the active participation of the patient and family in the design of the treatment plan to promote growth toward awareness and autonomy.

Editor: Allen, Jon G, Editor: Collins, Dean T

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1568218737
Language: English
Pages: 115

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