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Creating Love: A New Way of Understanding Our Most Important Relationships



In “Creating Love,” John Bradsgaw provides a new way to understand our most crucial relationships: with parents and children, with friends and co-workers, with ourselves, and with God.

He shows us how we have been literally “entranced” by past experiences of counterfeit love, how we can break these destructive patterns, and how we can open ourselves to the soul-building work of real love.

John Bradshaw has touched and changed millions of lives through his nationally televised PBS series and his best-selling books. His previous book, “Homecoming,” introduced the concept of the inner child to a vast new audience. Now he defines the “next great stage of growth”–how we can work to create healthy, loving relationships in every part of our lives.

Written for everyone who has struggled with painful relationships and is seeking hope and a new direction, “Creating Love” is a life-changing book.

Author: Bradshaw, John

Topic: Self-Help
Media: Book
ISBN: 553373056
Language: English
Pages: 400

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