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Creative Storytelling with Adults at Risk


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This innovative and practically-based book is a detailed resource for people working with adults with special needs, including mental health issues, learning disabilities, personality disorders or any adults who are vulnerable or addressing crises in their lives. Based on a narrative approach, this book provides clear guidelines for practitioners from a variety of backgrounds to feel confident in using stories with different adult client groups. It includes a variety of formats for both telling and recreating stories with individuals and groups, and emphasises that it is important to use stories for recreating our past as well as planning our future. The book shows how stories can be linked to other creative action-methods including dance, movement, mime and drama. Sue Jennings has collected stories from around the world when carrying out research and training in many countries, including Romania, Greece, Malaysia, India and Norway. This book will be a valuable resource for all practitioners in health and social services, including occupational therapists, nurses, drama therapists, art therapists and recreational workers.

Author: Jennings, Sue

Topic: Medical / Nursing
Media: Book
ISBN: 863885349
Language: English
Pages: 202

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