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Creative Therapy for Children in New Families



This book contains a range of activities designed to help children who have moved to new families, for example through fostering or adoption, to overcome emotional difficulties.

  • Encourages creativity in therapy with children who have moved to new families through fostering, adoption, or other means.
  • Contains a broad range of activities designed to help these children overcome emotional difficulties in a gentle and positive atmosphere, as well as guidelines about how, when, where, and at what age to use them.
  • Includes activities such as ‘Family Web’, ‘Pick up a Privilege’, ‘The Anger Debugging Kit’ and ‘I Can Do It (Now)’ that can be used by therapists or caregivers as part of, or to supplement, many different therapeutic approaches.
  • Most are appropriate for use where the child is in long-term care, or when the plan is that they should not return to their birth family.
  • All are suitable for both boys and girls.

Author: Hobday, Angela, Author: Kirby, Angela, Author: Ollier, Kate

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 631236007
Language: English
Pages: 126

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