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Cultural Diversity and Discourse Practices in Grade Nine



In the classroom, knowledge is widely distributed among the students and teacher, but is difficult to share across linguistic and cultural barriers. Seeking paths across these barriers, Lynne Wiltse meticulously explores the question: What is the discourse frame in which students and teachers work? Situated in a grade nine multilingual classroom, her work provides a rich description of the research process in the classroom. At the same time, she draws the reader sequentially through the analysis, revealing inferences in increasing levels of abstraction within a framework ofcommunities of practice. She highlights issues related to second language acquisition, students immigration experiences, teaching, and learning, and points the way toward multi-vocal dialogues and practices that can forge a path across cultural and linguistic divides.

Author: Wiltse, Lynne V

Topic: Education / Teaching
Media: Book
ISBN: 1138425079
Language: English

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