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Delusive Healers of India: Phenomenological Approach to Therapy


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Delusive healers are traditional healers who covertly perceive the sickness to be psychosomatic and induce cure using bizarre modes, techniques and practices by deceiving the patients. Apparently it is similar to some forms of religiomagical healings, the healers diagnose the sickness as psychosomatic and delude the clients by enacting some removal of physical objects from the body to alleviate pain, induce cure. They show enhanced empathy, trust, and client-healer relationship. Studying these Delusive Healers facilitate indigenous therapeutic counselling and culture-specific psychotherapy in India, thus pave the way for indigenous psychology in the subcontinent.

Author: Janetius, Dr S T

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1515229467
Language: English
Pages: 124

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