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Developmental Neuropsychology (Revised)



A thorough revision of Human Developmental Neuropsychology, this book is the most detailed and complete overview of child neuropsychology available today. It begins with a brief introduction to the nervous system, including an up-to-date review of theories of lateralization and sex differences. The second part presents a discussion of newborn and infant assessment, critical periods, disconnection syndromes and other relevant issues in developmental neuropsychology. The next section deals with disorders of development, such as anoxia, malnutrition and head trauma, in detail. The final part offers a comprehensive discussion of functional disturbances, including neurological soft signs, attentional disorders, language disorders, and emotional and behavioral disorders. New to this edition are a chapter on newborn and infant assessment and a chapter on cognitive development in relation to brain functions. The text also includes new information on attentional syndromes, infant HIV infection and Tourette’s syndrome, among many other topics.

Author: Spreen, Othfried, Author: Risser, Anthony, Author: Spreen, Otfried

Topic: Medical / Nursing
Media: Book
ISBN: 195067371
Language: English
Pages: 688

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