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Emotional Regulation: Emotional Algorithms for Clients and Counselors



This book is an interactive workbook where clients, students, and everyday people can understand and find step by step solutions for regulating of their emotions. Each chapter allows the reader to find out for themselves how they would personally regulate emotions ranging from anger, resentment and jealousy to other emotions such as depression, anxiety and self-hatred. Twelve different emotions are covered in the workbook giving the reader those emotions most commonly needing regulation in everyday living. The workbook takes a holistic approach where not only one’s behavior or feelings are considered. Behavior, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, identity and the emotional climate where emotions are experienced, make up this well-rounded approach to understanding emotional regulation in your personal life. The workbook also includes strategies for professional counselors to successfully deal with client emotions, with the goal of helping to improve the client/counselor relationship. This is the perfect book for one on one conversation or used in groups for a more interactive approach to emotional regulation.

Author: Ladd, Peter D, With: Zaidi, Yasmeen

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 761869875
Language: English
Pages: 130

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