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Empathic Ground: Intersubjectivity and Nonduality in the Psychotherapeutic Process



The Empathic Ground explores the experience of nondual consciousness as the basis of human connection, and describes its importance for psychological healing. It looks at the therapeutic relationship from the perspectives of psychoanalytic intersubjectivity theory and Asian nondual philosophy, finding practical meeting points between them that illuminate crucial issues in psychotherapy, such as transference and counter-transference, the nature of subjectivity, and the role of the body. The book also includes a series of exercises developed by the author for realizing nondual consciousness in the clinical setting. Access to this subtle, unified dimension of consciousness develops both our individual human capacities–perception, understanding, love, and physical pleasure–and our relationships with other people. It thus has profound significance for both psychological healing and development, and for the relationship of psychotherapist and client.

Author: Blackstone, Judith

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 791471837
Language: English
Pages: 133

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