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Faithing: A Reconstructive Method



Life’s problems can be dealt with spiritually, metaphorically, and positively through a non-violative, Christian religious experience, growth, and psychotherapy method. In this insightful book, the author presents therapists with a way to combine both conscious and unconscious cognition into an experienced whole. Contents: Introduction by James W. Fowler; Preface; Illustrations; Part I. The Method’s Basic Concept; The True Short Story: A Clinical Case of Hearing and Experiencing the Inner/Outer Voice as God; The Dialogical Counseling Method; The Intensified Faith Schema Exercise; Guided Meditation Therapy Procedures; Part II. The Theory Framework; Theological Convictions; Psychological Models; Convictions and Models Structurally Synthesized: Faith is the Psyche’s Primary Operation; Part III. How to Practice this Method; Pre-Process Instructions for the Therapist; Special Cautions for Therapist Consideration; Part IV. Illuminating Transcripts; Mitchel at God’s Consequent or Feeling Pole; Denny in Self-Directed Therapy; Specks’s Experience of God as a Core of Light and Father of Love, Forgiveness; The Client with “Burn-out”; Mitchel at God’s Primordial or Mental Pole; Summarizing Conclusions; Glossary; Bibliography; Index.

Author: Dyess, Eugene A

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 819196029
Language: English
Pages: 410

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