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Family and Multi-Family Work with Psychosis: A Guide for Professionals



Family and Multi-Family Work with Psychosis provides a practical step-by-step guide for professionals treating psychosis using family work.

The authors draw on over ten years of experience working with family and multi-family groups where there are members with a psychotic disturbance. They provide helpful guidance on vital issues, including setting up initial group meetings, crisis intervention plans, group structure, problem solving and communication in the group. Subjects covered include:

  • the stress-vulnerability model
  • the group structure and framework
  • family-work in early psychosis
  • working with families of people suffering from psychosis and substance misuse
  • what can the family do to be of help and support?

This accessible, jargon-free guide will be of great interest to anyone interested in investigating the potential for using family work to treat those with psychosis.

Author: Bloch Thorsen, Gerd-Ragna, Author: Gronnestad, Trond, Author: Oxnevad, Anne Lise

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1583917276
Language: English
Pages: 130

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