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Family Relations and Parenting Styles of Drug Using Young Adults


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Young adulthood is the most risky developmental phase of life for drug use. It involves a separation- individuation process which the individual tries to earn his or her independency from the emotional social and family context that he or she lives in. In this present research, the main aim is to identify the relationship between family relations and parenting styles with drug use behaviour in young adulthood. Family relations of young adult drug users and non-drug user healthy young adults were compared. Findings suggest that drug using young adults had worse family relations when compared with non-drug user young adults. Findings of this study emphasize the effect of negative family relations on drug use as a risk in young adulthood. This study contains important informations for further drug addiction treatment programs and studies.

Author: Green, Lk, Author: Gure En, Ulku

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 383838072X
Language: English
Pages: 116

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