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Four Faces of Hysteria


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Have you ever experienced such overwhelming stress that your body reacts in a manner you did not think possible? In the Four Faces of Hysteria, playwright Maria Teresa H. de Holcomb PhD takes you on a journey of four characters who suffer physical maladies due to their relationships with others.”The Architect” follows a highly successful man who suffers due to a dysfunctional relationship with his wife. Will the sound of his wife’s voice and her constant verbal cruelty causes him to feel such high levels of rage that he fears a loss of control?”The Soldier” reveals the extreme pressure a young man feels to live up to the bravery shown in battle by the other men in his family. Can he lead his troops while he battles both the enemy and his father’s expectations?”The Daughter” illustrates the story of a woman who wants to find her birth mother. After hearing stories about how glamourous she was, what kind of tricks will her body play on her when she finally meets her?”The Painter” depicts a young man who is a talented painter and deeply in love with a good woman. His mother and aunt love him, but primarily through their needs rather than his. Will their overbearing behavior cost him his blooming career and relationship?

Author: H De Holcomb, Maria Teresa

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1723167479
Language: English
Pages: 162

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