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Fumes and Fine Dust: Working Under Chemical Assault: Neurological Effects



In a sense this book wrote itself. Excerpts from journals written over nineteen years of workplace exposure to chemicals depict the images and struggles within a gradually deteriorating brain that had once been completely functional. The author’s strong, healthy body was breaking down as well.

However, through her journey Ms. Vitanza learned what the brain can do to heal itself. Much of what she practiced was of benefit to her, until at last her mind found piece.

Her personal account of events and feelings is supplemented by medical records, and by illustrations taken from drawings and paintings that she made when experiencing particular symptoms.

Fumes and Fine Dust closes the long journey to rebirth. May those who read this book benefit as well….

Author: Vitanza, Vilma

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1460223888
Language: English
Pages: 176

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