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Gospel of God’s Psychology: In One Commentary on Ephesians


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Paul’s bonds are on their behalf and for the sake of the gospel. His bonds, having brought him to Rome after the appeal to Caesar as a Roman citizen, slows down the persecution of other Christians. His bonds and afflictions remind them how relatively easy it is for them to be a Christian in Asia Minor and could even be prophetic of the persecutions of the book of Revelation that would endanger their “first love.” His bonds of imprisonment remind them of contrasting bonds of peace They are to secure the shackles of peace, sparing no effort in order that the chains of attachment with other believers hold fast and like the Roman soldier and his bound prisoner, as firmly fastened with chains of oneness to the Godhead. Paul wanted believers incorporate in Christ and those BIC to be altogether and almost as he was, in that he followed Christ, except for the criminal’s bonds. “Remember my bonds.” in Colossians 4:18, a complete and stand-alone three-word sentence. In Ephesians 6:20 it is only “I am an ambassador in bonds.” I think Paul knew between the writing of Ephesians and Colossians, while he sent for Timothy and Mark, that he was about to die. Luke, the beloved physician there all along, had already been encouraged to write the gospel of Luke and Acts, Mark had to get there before the writing of Colossians in order to be encouraged to write the gospel of Mark and that the churches would be encouraged to read his letter epistles. “Remember my bonds” was an epitaph and an inheritance from Paul. It signified the way the winds would blow from martyrdom in Rome to persecutions in Asia Minor; and Paul had to set an example in death and in life for the seven churches in Asia Minor. It could be another title for Ephesians with an understanding of the bonds of peace, unity, and love.

Author: McMichael, Jerry Vaughan

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1090206046
Language: English
Pages: 152

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