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Greening the Blues: Healing Patterns After Grief


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“One of the best books I’ve read for helping the reader understand what it takes to feel.” (B. Scott) Are we all connected or just separate individuals? Do we want to succeed at the expense of others or do we deeply desire peace and fulfillment for everyone on earth? How can we grow compassion for others if we avoid feeling our own pain? “Greening the Blues” briefly describes a couple of events in the author’s past that triggered dysfunctional behavior in the present, setting up an abandonment story. The narrative is woven with simple strategies for focusing within and accepting uncomfortable feelings. Re-configuring thought patterns and beginning the process of healing effects of past trauma results in an expanded personal reckoning. The story integrates guidance from many sources and illustrates the effects of intentional focus on the work, frustration, joy, and magic of everyday life. This story encompasses diverse ways to: Set up brief moments to determine what your body feels within. Develop a ‘somatic’ lexicon and find deeper ways to describe sensations that create patterns of behavior; discover your heart’s desire. Unravel the victim story and take the empowering step of not blaming others. Reconfigure negative thought patterns. Detach from specific outcomes and find more solutions. Invite consciousness and power into everyday situations in congruence with your own core beliefs. Find and expand compassion for self and others. Forgive everyone and learn from everything. The basic story? A lover left. It hurt. The lover came back. Due to life-threatening events, the returning lover had to be forgiven.

Author: Terry, Carol

Topic: Self-Help
Media: Book
ISBN: 1517555671
Language: English
Pages: 220

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