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Grief Notes & Animal Dreams


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Jane Munro’s poems are explorations of the mysteries of inner experience. What are the truths of emotion? What can the body know? In Grief Notes & Animal Dream, Munro’s third collection, we enter the condition Gaston Bachelard has called reverie, strange and miraculous beauty glowing in the suspended underwater light of the heart.

“We arrive in the midst of this book as one arrives in mid-life: feet on the ground, eyes closed — and by example are instructed to walk. Our feet will find the way, says the dream logic of waking thought which is the language of this book; and the motion, the motion of that walking and of these poems, which is syncopated, because events sometimes conspire to pull us up short, nonetheless sets us humming. Who should read this book? Those who look ahead; those who look back; those of us in mid-life who look both ways, eyes closed which is to say open to the stubborn, intimate attachments we live by.” –Roo Borson

Author: Munro, Jane

Topic: Poetry
Media: Book
ISBN: 919626823
Language: English
Pages: 73

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