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Handbook of Child Behavior Therapy



The genesis of this book occurred several years ago provide readers with not only the “what to do” of child behavior therapy, but the “how to do it” as in Seattle on the veranda of a Chilean cafe overlook- well. Each of the chapters guides the reader through ing Pikes Place Market during a National Associa- tion of School Psychologists conference. We were the clinical decision-making process, from identify- ing a problem to evaluating the effectiveness of a discussing, along with several other behavioral school psychologists, how the field of child behavior chosen intervention. One of the difficulties in assembling an edited analysis and therapy has experienced rapid growth over the past forty years, but lamenting that books in book is ensuring a high degree of continuity and the area did not reflect the advancements made in the similarity between chapters, without infringing on assessment and treatment of a wide variety of prob- the individual writing style of the authors. This lem behaviors evidenced by children. That is not to book is certainly no exception. To help with conti- say that there are no good books available to the child nuity, we provided the authors with an outline to use behavior therapist. In fact, most readers of this book as a guide as they prepared their manuscripts. The undoubtedly have bookshelves lined with noteworthy operative word here is “guide.

Editor: Watson, T Steuart, Editor: Gresham, Frank M

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 030645548X
Language: English
Pages: 507

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