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Handbook of Psychology in Legal Contexts (Revised)



The second edition of this popular international handbook highlights the developing relationship between psychology and the law. Consisting of all-new material and drawing on the work of practitioners and academics from the UK, Europe, North America and elsewhere, this volume looks not only at the more traditional elements of psychology and the law – the provision of psychological assessments about individuals to the courts – but also many of the recent developments, such as the interaction between psychologists and other professionals, decision-making by judges and juries, and the shaping of social policy and political debate.

Contemporary and authoritative in its scope, the second edition of The Handbook of Psychology in Legal Contexts will again prove to be a valuable resource for scholars and students, as well as being a vital tool for all professionals working in the field.
* Well known editors and an international list of authors, most of whom are leaders in their field
* Focus on psychological concepts and knowledge that will enlighten best practice and research
* The focus on process and issues ensures that the book is not limited in interest by specific legal codes or legislation, it is international
* More than an updating of the old chapters, really a rethinking of the field and what is now important and emerging

Editor: Carson, David, Editor: Bull, Ray

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 471498742
Language: English
Pages: 688

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