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Happiness Hacks: 19 Hacks to Happier You


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In a survey conducted by a premier institution to find out what people are looking for in their present-day lives, it was not really surprising that ‘HAPPINESS’ figured prominently in the top three. A lot of us today are indeed looking for happiness. We speak about it at seminars and discussions, we might discuss it with our counselors, we also make it a common topic of conversation with our friends and family. But the big question is – Do we REALLY know what happiness is? Dear Readers, please answer the following questions: Are you happy now ? What makes you happy? Do you feel happy all day long or all the time? OR Are you confused now? Are you searching for happiness? Do you keep wondering what it takes to be happy? STOP WONDERING NOW! This book will present you answers to all your questions! Here’s what you will find in this Book: How to refine the meaning of happiness How to re-define the meaning of happiness 19 Happiness hacks to happier you. Now with workbooks.

Author: Barklay, James

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1533370664
Language: English
Pages: 110

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