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Hardwired for Life: Human Understanding Beyond Surface Personality


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Millions of people around the world take personality tests every year in hopes of gaining direction for education, career pursuits, dating, marriage, and more. Employers of all kinds use personality tests in some form as part of criteria for hiring, as the half-billion dollar industry continues to grow. Little do people realize that written personality questionnaires are inherently flawed. With conventional personality testing, subjects can literally be who they choose to be, causing the effects of nurture to cloud our understanding of the true inner being composed by nature. In this ground-breaking book, professional talent evaluator Brad Kullman reveals a revolutionary new method of human understanding that gets to an individual’s core being. This foundation work bridges the soft science of conventional 20th century typology with 21st century revelations of the hard sciences. Kullman details how modern science provides a concrete method for quantifying human persona, behavior, and even performance in a way that is easy to comprehend for readers of all backgrounds.

Each person is hardwired at conception for a propensity toward not only certain thought processes, but also a specific manner in which we perceive the world, the way we behave, and how we perform. Even if this may be understood in a general sense, Kullman presents the first methodology that not only explains the specifics, but provides a way to objectively quantify this information. Best of all, everyone can implement this methodology in order to better understand ourselves and those around us. Similar to how one might determine if a person is naturally right or left-handed, Kullman explains how specific clues can provide insight as to understanding each person’s true makeup far beyond surface personality. Most importantly, this is not some theory cooked up in a lab. Kullman shares the remarkable backstory of how this breakthrough in human understanding emerged from real life experience and carefully explains how modern-day scientific advances continue to provide support for this amazing revelation.

Unlike most psychology-oriented self-help books that encourage people to better themselves by changing, Kullman explains how we are each born with specific inherent and unchanging strengths and weaknesses. These traits can be clearly identified by telltale clues that unmask the faÇade of surface personality influenced by our environment. Only by understanding the manner in which we are each hardwired at conception can we truly appreciate and become the best us we can be.

If you want to truly understand people, you must understand how they are hardwired.

Author: Kullman, Brad

Topic: Self-Help
Media: Book
ISBN: 1946324000
Language: English
Pages: 242

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