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Healing the Future: Uncover Your Personal Map to a Fulfilled Life Real Past Life Regression Stories


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Healing the Future takes the reader through a fascinating journey of past lives and life purpose in a journey towards fulfilment. As Dinoshi Keiper takes her clients into the past and present and future through hypnotherapy, myth and legend become real. Through the unfolding Universal Truths from authentic stories of everyday people “Healing The Future” brings the reader closer to his or her real self, pointing towards the direction of fulfilment and freedom. By sharing real stories of real people, this book aims to ‘speak’ to the reader and guide towards identifying him/herself within the many journeys discussed. Dinoshi Keiper describes how she brings out unconscious memories and experiences of the past to the surface using hypnotherapy, in order to help explain present behavioural patterns and struggles, and the amazing catharsis that follows helping people move forward towards life goals. She also describes how she helps her clients discover their life purpose and how that is intrinsically connected to the learning we come to do on Earth – refocusing us on to our right paths towards spiritual evolution. This book retells the amazing and incredibly touching stories of her clients, with vivid imagery giving the reader goose bumps as the past experiences and Universal Truths emerge to the surface. Behind the discoveries of the clients and the healing that follows, is the personal transformational journey of the author, as she discovers proof to life beyond the present and dimensions beyond this the Earth. She shows through the client stories we are all the same and all that matters are love and respecting the freedom of others in a non-judgemental manner. We have all been royalty, commoners, thieves, murderers, extremists and most things in between, it is not for us to judge the other. The author emphasises the importance of following one’s heart and instincts, beyond the five senses, to achieve true happiness and fulfillment. Through unearthing the past traumas and the learning that follows, Dinoshi aims to reach out giving perspective and Healing The Future of as many human beings as she possibly could. Be prepared to start your journey!

Author: Keiper, Dinoshi

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1987566904
Language: English
Pages: 252

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