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Himalayan Salt Lamp (5-7 lbs.)


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This 5-7 lb. Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp is a common first purchase. It is still on the small side, but big enough for sufficient ionization of a small bedroom. It allows you the luxury of significant ionization at a low price. Those who wish to start their ionization process in their bedroom or who wish to have a small lamp for an accent piece anywhere typically look for this lamp. From our experiences, the people who start out this way usually enjoy the lamp and decide to furnish additional rooms in the home.
**PLEASE NOTE: Due to the difficulty in shaping salt, salt lamps may contain some natural lines and chips in them – this all adds to their natural beauty.**
Crystal Height 7 – 8 Inches
Crystal Width 5 – 7 Inches
Crystal Weight 5 – 7 Lbs
Protection Area 10×10 Sq.ft
*Includes UL Listed on/off cord, bulb, wooden base, and informational sheet.
**If you prefer the lamp to come with a UL Listed dimmer cord, you can choose this option from the drop-down menu above for an additional $3.00 per lamp.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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