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Himalayan Salt Lamp (9-11 lbs.)


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This salt lamp is perfect for your medium to large bedroom. It is our best seller. Many of our customers choose this 9-11 lb. salt lamp, as it is in the middle of our size range. It is reasonably priced and emits a good amount of ions. This lamp is rated for a medium to large bedroom. It is always better to go a little bigger when you are unsure of room size, as you can never over-ionize, but you can under-ionize. Also, multiple lamps in one room is also a good idea, as the cumulative total of salt in the room dictates the protection coverage. In fact, an additional lamp in a room serves another source of ionization which spreads the ions more evenly throughout the air.
**PLEASE NOTE: Due to the difficulty in shaping salt, salt lamps may contain some natural lines and chips in them – this all adds to their natural beauty.**
Crystal Height 8 – 10 Inches
Crystal Width 6 – 8 Inches
Crystal Weight 9 – 11 Lbs
Protection Area 12×12 Sq.ft
*Includes UL listed on/off cord, bulb, wooden base, and informational sheet
**If you prefer the lamp to come with a UL listed dimmer cord, you can choose this option from the drop-down menu above for an additional $3.00 per lamp.

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 15 in


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