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Holocaust and the Revival of Psychological History



Why did men and women in one of the best educated countries in the Western world set out to get rid of Jews? In this book, Judith M. Hughes focuses on how historians’ efforts to grapple anew matters of actors’ meanings, intentions, and purposes have prompted a return to psychoanalytically informed ways of thinking. Hughes makes her case with fine-grained analyses of books by Hugh Trevor-Roper, Ian Kershaw, Daniel Goldhagen, Saul Friedlander, Christopher Browning, Jan Gross, Hannah Arendt, and Gitta Sereny. All of the authors pose psychological questions; the more astute among them shed fresh light on the Holocaust without making the past any less disturbing.”

Author: Hughes, Judith M

Topic: History – General History
Media: Book
ISBN: 1107056829
Language: English
Pages: 208

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