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Hope After Trauma and Ptsd: Making Sense of the Pain



“Hope After Trauma and PTSD” reaches out to those who struggle in the grips of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), with its endless flashbacks, frightening nightmares, and life-destroying pain. The book contains stories by real people who have survived and even thrived in spite of PTSD. “I want people with PTSD to know they’re not alone,” says Segen. The book also offers insight for those who have friends or loved ones with PTSD. PTSD follows trauma-shootings, natural disasters, war, crimes, betrayals, and more. After experiencing trauma, some people get better and go on with life. But others develop PTSD, a debilitating mental disorder. For them, life doesn’t just stop; it derails and crashes. No one can predict who will get PTSD. But when it comes, it shatters relationships, marriages, confidence, and the ability to focus on school or work. PTSD brings on terrifying nightmares. Its flashbacks force the person to re-experience the trauma again and again. And those are just two of its many symptoms. Segen knows PTSD because she has PTSD. “This book helps people take control and begin building new lives,” Segen says. “It also informs people who don’t have PTSD, explaining how they can help a friend or loved one who suffers from this devastating disorder.” In fact, Segen has PTSD herself. She understands the anguish and knows what it takes to get better. Remember, “It’s never too soon or too late to find hope.” Hope After Trauma and PTSD on Facebook

Author: Segen, Sydney

Topic: Religion – Mormon / LDS
Media: Book
ISBN: 1984917153
Language: English
Pages: 202

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