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How One Choice Directs Your Destiny: The Book of Truth: Introducing Mind Interpretation Theory


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How ONE Choice Directs Your Destiny book series reflects the author’s feeling towards life and accepting that all things are a blessing especially if we only looked at the situation from a positive perspective. For example, losing a loved one is tough, but you have a choice about that person’s life. Do you choose to dwell on the life lost, or do you remember how that person was a blessing in your life? The preference is to remember the great times, but making a decision is the key. In part one of the series, the book reflects the truth about living in a gray zone, or in limbo. A gray zone causes confusion, uncertainty, and living in the unknown. From chapter one through chapter three, you will learn the truth about you. You will be taught how not to live an indecisive life. A person’s life is created by their past, their actions will shape their present, and their choices will dictate their future. Prayerfully, this book and the rest of the series will provide an understanding as to why the eight chapters are separated by three sections: Truth, Trust, and Triumph. This truthful, uplifting, comical, uncommon style of writing was created and all directed by His understanding. This series of books are based on, Mind Interpretation Theory. M.I.T is a biblical based psychological theory that reflects the troubles of persons who struggle with decision making. This theory will assist with helping persons see who they were, are, and will become. This series are not to demean anyone as whom they are, or where they are in life. These books are positioned for one purpose only, which is to share the words that were given and to help people learn, “How ONE Choice Directs Your Destiny!”

Author: Kelly Jr, Dr Edmond, Editor: Sledd, Toya D, Editor: Johnson, Shunika Michelle

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1542996678
Language: English
Pages: 82

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