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How to Analyze People: Analyze and Influence Anyone – A Psychologist’s Guide to Speed Reading People and Personality Types


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It is important that you understand the motives behind what people do or say. For one, we are naturally social and are surrounded by people all the time. These people exhibit a wide range of behavior that affects who we are and various aspects about us like our well-being and our finances, and we need to monitor this influence. Secondly, people rarely reveal their true intentions, and these could sometimes be intended for your harm. Knowing this beforehand could save you from different kinds of pain, disappointment, and regrets. Understanding the true nature of a person makes you a better negotiator because you can read emotions like desperation, and you are likely to get a better deal than you would if you couldn’t read the person. In addition, it is easier to deflect negative emotions when they are thrown at you because you understand well where they are coming from. You become more empathetic and accommodating of people and their flaws. To that end, this book is arranged into eleven (11) brief chapters each indicating the most important aspects of interaction you need to master to be able to interact with, analyze, and influence the people around you seamlessly. The author jumps right ahead and informs you how to read from a person’s body language in the first chapter. A person communicates using almost every organ of his body – from his eyes, lips, legs, hands, body posture, facial expressions, and even the skin. Get to know how each of your body parts could be sending secret messages to other people. Also, you will know how to analyze the people by their body language. Your intuition is a critical component of the tools you use to read and analyze others. The intuition is the sense that lets you in on information about someone even without having someone else telling it to you. When you have it in your intuition, you know what you know, and it is difficult for anyone to convince you otherwise. Most of the time, your intuition will be 100% correct. In this book, learn how your intuition works and what to do about what you find out. The author is also glad to share with you some tools and cues that will point you to the true intentions and motives behind particular behaviors. He will also show you why it is important to ask questions instead of making assumptions about people. You also don’t like it when others make assumptions about you, right?Lastly, you will learn how to identify a romantic interest. We have always thought that men always make the first move, but this book says otherwise. Learn why the author says the women do it and see how they do it. Also, see how you can identify a person with insecurities so that you keep off and are not sacked into developing insecurities too. If you have insecurities, you will see how they present themselves, and from there, you can take steps towards building your self-confidence. Get started on the process of learning to read into yours and other people’s minds by purchasing this book today!Inside you will find: -11 perfectly structure chapters to lead you on the journey of analyzing yourself and other people-A perfect description of some of the most common body language cues you should take note of when interacting with people-The secret guide to help you analyze your behavior-A list of cues to help point you to your true intentions-A description of the most useful behavior analysis tools and a guide on how to use each of them-The most explicit description of things that people do when they have developed a romantic interest-Secrets to help you spot a lie-A step-by-step guide into the process of analyzing behavior

Author: Skinner, Eric

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1799020827
Language: English
Pages: 138

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